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Hiking Loop and Pin

Tiger, Wolfs, Bears and Webelos Scouts may complete these requirements in a family, den, pack, school, or community environment.

Tiger Cubs must work with their parents or adult partners. Parents and partners do not earn loops or pins.

Requirements for the Hiking Belt Loop

Complete these three requirements:

    1. Explain the hiking safety rules to your den leader or adult partner. Practice these rules while on a hike.

    2. Demonstrate proper hiking attire and equipment.

    3. Hike at least 30 minutes with your adult partner, family, or den.

Requirements for Hiking the Pin

Earn the Hiking belt loop, and complete five of the following requirements:

    1. Make a chart and record at least five hours of hiking.

    2. Help plan a den, pack, or family hike.

    3. Earn Cub Scouting’s Leave No Trace Awareness Award.

    4. Earn the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award.

    5. Learn seven trail signs and tell your den leader or adult partner what they are.

    6. Be able to identify five different trees and five different birds on your hike. (These can be of the same species if multiple species are hard to find.)

    7. Using pictures or photographs, identify three poisonous plants. (Examples are poison ivy, poison sumac, and poison oak; oleander, poinsettia, etc.). Watch for these plants while on a hike.

    8. Take two different hikes for different purposes, for example, a nature hike, neighborhood hike, historical hike, city hike, stop-look-and listen hike, and so on.

    9. Explain to your den leader or adult partner what a compass is and show how to use one on a hike.

    10. Explain to your den leader or adult partner what a global positioning system is and demonstrate how to use one on a hike.

    11. With visuals such as pictures or maps, report about one of your hikes to your den. Tell about how you prepared for your hike, who went with you, and what you saw.

Hiking Online Resources

Steps to Follow:

    1. Download and Print Worksheet at bottom of page

    2. Scout completes Worksheet

    3. Turn completed Worksheet into your Den Leader

    4. Den Leader may have questions for your Scout

    5. Den Leader will enter completion date into Tracking Software

    6. Scout will be awarded Loop a/o Pin at the next Pack Meeting

    7. Limit of Two Loops and Two Pins per Month

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